Wayne Werner Ceramic Sanding Set

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Wayne Werner, jeweler, craftsman and Foredom demonstrator, developed this updated sanding accessory assortment kit for use with Foredom's BL Bench Lathe Kit (850-0619). The sanding discs and bands (manufactured of Purple Ceramic material) are used with the collet holder that has the 1/4" collet installed (850-0624). These are some of Wayne Werner's favorite Foredom products! 

  • 3M Ceramic Purple Sanding Bands:  3 each of 1/2" x 1" in 60, 80, 120 and 220 Grits  (Max Speed Rating: 20,000 rpm)
  • 3M Ceramic Purple Sanding PSA  (pressure sensitive adhesive) Discs: 2 each of 3” Diameter in 60, 80, 120 and 220 Grits  (Max Speed Rating: 10,000 rpm)
  • 4 each of 1/2" x 1" Sanding Drum Mandrels with 1/4" shanks, and 3" Diameter Disc Mandrels with 1/4” shank.

3M’s Ceramic Purple Abrasives are excellent for sanding and finishing wood, metals, fiberglass, plastics, and other materials. 3M’s Cubitron ceramic aluminum oxide mineral sharpens itself with use. As the triangular shaped grain wears, it continuously fractures to form sharp points and edges that slice through metal, wear evenly and provide super-long life and consistency at any grinding pressure. This process repeats itself throughout the entire grinding process and allows for faster stock removal with less heat and loading. Ceramic Purple Abrasives last 2 to 4 times longer—long after conventional abrasives have dulled, shelled, and glazed over.

Use Purple Ceramic sanding accessories for removing sprues, cleaning up castings, blending parting lines, and pre-polishing metal surfaces. The 1/2″ x 1″ sanding bands are perfect for sanding the inside of rings and other concave areas. The 3″ diameter Discs are great for lapping the sides of bracelets and rings.