Unitized Mounted Points - 1/8" Shank

Details Unitized Mounted Point – Fine, Medium & Coarse Available in 6 different shapes and 2 compositions, they are used in a variety of deburring, blending, finishing and polishing applications. Conform to workpieces for consistent, uniform finishing without undercutting or gouging. Consist of durable unitized material embedded with silicon carbide or aluminum oxide grit. The silicon carbide is a fine/soft composition, requiring very little pressure. It is moderately conformably and provides high luster. The aluminum oxide with the medium composition requires heavy pressure and aggressive cutting. The aluminum oxide with the coarse composition requires the heaviest pressure and offers the most aggressive cutting including light deburring. Unitized Mounted Points are constructed of pressed, non-woven tough abrasive nylon fibers, used primarily in finishing and surface preparation along with light deburring. These points are designed to provide long-life, are non-loading and will not unwind. They run smooth which eliminates “chatter” marks created by bonded abrasives. All on 1/8" shanks.
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Style #Fine (Silicon Carbide)Medium (Aluminum Oxide)Coarse (Aluminum Oxide)Head Dia. x LMax. RPMs
B42845-0080845-0110845-01201/2" x 3/4"33,750
B52845-0081845-0111845-01213/8" x 3/4"45,300
B90845-0082845-0112845-01221/2" x 1/2"34,500
W160845-0083845-0113845-01231/4" x 1/4"81,300
W183845-0084845-0114845-01241/2" x 1/4"51,700
W185845-0085845-0115845-01251/2" x 1/2"34,500

Unitized Mounted fiber Points Unitized fiber Mounted Points b42 b52 b90 b-42 b-52 b-90 w160 w-160 w183 w-183 w-185 w185 Unitized Mounted Points fiber Unitized Mounted Points