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RHODIUM J1 A long time standard of Umicore, Rhoduna® J1 is an electrolyte slated for the deposition of Brilliant-white, very light, bright coatings. Umicore J1 is suitable for plating jewelry bringing out decorative applications. Minor porosity, good covering speed, excellent throwing power, appropriate for a bright, thick crack-free layer up to 0.3μm. J1 is advantageous for rack end.
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Umicore Rhodium Diamond Bright

Diamond Bright Deposits brilliant-white, ultra-bright coatings with previously unattained lightness coatings of previously unattained lightness and brilliance. It is additionally characterized by high covering speed and excellent throwing power.
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Rhoduna 271-Pencil Plating

Rhoduna 271 is used in Pencil plating, which is a special type of brush plating with which small area elements of parts are selectively rhodium plated by means of direct current through a wiping touch with a tip soaked with the respective rhodium bath. It is distinguished by its high coveing power and plating speed.
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RHODIUM 275 Umicore Rhoduna 275 2gm-100ml is a must application for all the jewelry manufacturer because of its brilliant white color. Rhodium is an indispensable part for the manufacturing of jewelry due to its brilliant white color. Rhodium is also being used for functional applications as contact material. For example for the plating of so-called reed switches. Under the internationa..
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UMICORE ANODE PLATE- WHITE Base Material: Titanium (Gr1, Gr2) Shape Of Base Material: Mesh Shape Working Current: Max 5000 A/m2 Fluorine Ion Concentration: Max 500 mg/L Coating Material: Platinum (purity 99.99%) Rare Metal Concentration: Min 21.48 g/L
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