Flame enhancer compound suitable for oxydelic welders, facilitates welding and protects polishing during it. The use of this product requires a special deposit. Sales unit: 5 liter container.
Manufacturer: Technoflux
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Calorific calorific enhancer compound, especially suitable for oxydelic welders.

The use of this product requires a special deposit (not provided with the soldering iron), and the replacement of seals and tube of the machine with other more resistant specific materials.

It is compatible with the Drago I and Drago II hydroxy welders of the Technoflux brand and with most commercially available hydroxy welders.

* IMPORTANT NOTE: Use exclusively indicated for machines that have been prepared to work with this product. Its use in jewelry is not recommended because it lacks antioxidant properties.


Fill the indicated container for the product to the indicated level. When the flame loses blue intensity, empty the contents of the container and refill with Flux-6 following the instructions indicated on the container. As there are several types of containers for this product, the type of replacement will be different for each model. Check your deposit instructions.


Easily flammable Toxic by inhalation and if swallowed. Keep away from sources of ignition flame. NO SMOKING. Avoid contact with skin, keep only in the original container.