Drying compound of the gas produced by the hydroxy welder. Combined with special Flux for Oxyhydric, it is possible to adjust the deoxidizing properties of the product, obtaining an intense and antioxidant flame that will facilitate welding. Sales unit: 1 liter container.
Manufacturer: Technoflux
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Drying compound especially suitable for oxy-welders, is used to dry the gas produced by the oxy-welder. In addition, combined with the special Technxlux Oxyhydric Flux (Ref. OXH0P1300) it has the function of adjusting the flame's deoxidizing properties, with this mixture you will obtain an intense and antioxidant flame that will facilitate welding.

It is compatible with the Drago I and Drago II hydroxy welders of the Technoflux brand and with most commercially available hydroxy welders.


  • As a dryer function: Fill the tank marked Flux-2 to the level indicated on it to the level indicated. Check the level of the container periodically, in case it increases or stays at the initial level, we must discard and refill with new product. The cause of this level increase is because the gas contains a small amount of water vapor. This condenses inside the tank and increases the initial volume, canceling the effectiveness of the product.
  • As an antioxidant function: Fill the Flux Gas tank to the indicated level, with a mixture of 25% TECHNOFLUX FLUX GAS liquid and 75% TECHNOFLUX FLUX 2


Highly flammable, toxic by inhalation and if swallowed. Keep away from sources of ignition flame. NO SMOKING. Avoid contact with the skin and keep only in the original container.