Approved and Certified By U.L. The safes is built with a unique multi-layered structure which offers a high resistance to intrusion by torch and . The door and the body are made of steel plates and cast with Alchronite, ISM patented material and are reinforced with special alloy grids which gives torch and tool protection. The safes have a multi-direction boltwork mechanism and a double locking system consisting of U.L. certified high security key lock for safes and combination lock . All of the safe’s locks are protected by randomly scattered glass plate re-lockers.
Manufacturer: ISM SAFES
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ISM Super Treasury (TRTL-30x6)

ISM Super Treasury

The ISM Super Treasury is the most sought after high security safe in the industry. This safe was designed to resist sophisticated burglary attacks utilizing torches, abrasive cutting and coring attacks as well as tools such as impact hammers, drills, wedges, etc. Maximum protection on all six sides enables owners of this line of safes to obtain millions of dollars worth of insurance coverage. This safe is sold primarily to diamond merchants, fine jewelers and watchmakers, precious metals dealers and refiners, check cashers, armed couriers as well as to the financial industry. We also install these safes in a number of residences where clients have collections of extraordinary value. 

Standard Features:

  • One-piece Casting of Alchronite, ISM’s Torch & Tool Resistant Barrier Material (including disc cutters)
  • Secured by a UL Group 1 Key-Changeable Combination & High Security Key Lock
  • Tempered Glass Plate Protection Against Drill Attacks on the Combination Lock
  • Independent Re-locking Mechanisms
  • Side Attack Protection on Boltwork/Locking Mechanism
  • Fire Protection for Paper Documents
  • Attractive Neutral Finish
  • Stainless Steel Face Plate
  • 3-Spoke Capstan Handle

ISM Super Treasury Open

Optional Equipment:

  • Redundant Digital / Mechanical Lock in Lieu of Both Locks
  • Private Internal Compartments & Drawer Systems
  • Storage Systems for Jewelry & Watches (model ST6831-19 shown on the right outfitted with VCT35 jewelry storage trays with non-slip linings)
  • All Models Can Be Prepared For Anchoring
  • Additional Sizes Available (Inquire Within)
  • Custom Sizes & Finishes

ISM Super Treasury Access Width
*These dimensions represent the clear entry leading into the safe past the boltwork chamber. This is a critical dimension when selecting or fabricating boxes or trays that need to be inserted within the safe. It is recommended that wide items be at least 1/4″ narrower than the “clear access” dimension. (PLEASE NOTE THAT ACCESS DIMENSIONS ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT PRIOR NOTICE SO MAKE SURE TO CONFIRM/MEASURE THE CLEAR ACCESS WIDTH AND/OR HEIGHT PRIOR TO ORDERING ANY SPECIFIC STORAGE ITEMS. FYI, ACCESS)

ISM Super Treasury Door Edge**The clear access width into the safe when the door is open 90 degrees indicates the widest item that can typically fit past the door, into the safe, but this will vary based on the length of the piece as well as if you have additional clearance on the open side to insert the item on an angle. (PLEASE NOTE THAT ACCESS DIMENSIONS ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT PRIOR NOTICE SO MAKE SURE TO CONFIRM/MEASURE THE CLEAR ACCESS WIDTH AND/OR HEIGHT PRIOR TO ORDERING ANY SPECIFIC STORAGE ITEMS.)

***This dimension represents the minimum overall width required for the safe plus the projection of the door when opened far enough to provide straight-in insertion of the widest item that can fit into the safe.

****This dimension represents the minimum overall width required for the safe plus the projection of the door when opened 180 degrees. We recommend that you allow an additional 2-3″ of space which will help prevent the door or one’s fingers from hitting an object when opened completely.

*****This dimension represents the minimum overall depth required for the safe plus the projection of the door when opened 90 degrees. Since you will be addressing/accessing the safe from the front it’s important for you to consider how much additional room you’ll need in order to comfortably operate the safe.

ModelInside Dimensions
H x W x D
Outside Dimensions
H x W x D / OD
ST19161619" x 16" x 16"26" x 23" x 28" / 31.55"2.8 ft³11260 lb
ST27191627" x 19" x 16"34" x 26" x 28" / 31.55"4.8 ft³11670 lb
ST27261727" x 26" x 17"34" x 33" x 29" / 32.55"6.9 ft³12010 lb
ST33202033" x 20" x 20"40" x 27" x 32" / 35.55"7.6 ft³12140 lb
ST33261733" x 26" x 17"40" x 33" x 29" / 32.55"8.4 ft³12270 lb
ST44202344" x 20" x 23"51" x 27" x 35" / 38.55"11.7 ft³22770 lb
ST44261744" x 26" x 17"51" x 33" x 29" / 32.55"11.3 ft³22750 lb
ST55202355" x 20" x 23"62" x 27" x 35" / 38.55"14.6 ft³23250 lb
ST55261755" x 26" x 17"62" x 33" x 29" / 32.55"14.1 ft³23220 lb
ST64202364" x 20" x 23"71" x 27" x 35" / 38.55"17.0 ft³33640 lb
ST64261764" x 26" x 17"71" x 33" x 29" / 32.55"16.4 ft³33610 lb
ST68311968" x 31" x 19"75" x 38" x 31" / 34.55"23.2 ft³44330 lb
ST68362668" x 36" x 26"75" x 43" x 38" / 41.55"36.8 ft³45330 lb