Sterling Silver Tube-End Swivel Lobster Clasps

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This sterling silver lobster clasp features a swivel mechanism and tube ends that help prevent necklace designs from tangling—the tube end caps allow you to create a smooth, professional-looking finish. Ideal for cord and chain necklaces, this clasp is a great choice for designs that need to lie on the body without twisting. Use jeweler’s epoxy to secure cord into the tube ends or solder chain directly into the tubes. One of the most common clasp styles, the lobster clasp offers a streamlined look and good security for all types of strands. Named for its resemblance to the action of a lobster claw, this clasp features a hook shape with a spring-operated closure. Simply press the ring at the opposite end of the strand against the closure, pushing it open enough to let the ring pass onto the hook (or press the release lever to open the closure). The spring holds the clasp closed until the lever pulls it open to release the ring.