Sterling Silver Oval High-Wall Bezel Cup Settings

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This sterling silver high-wall bezel cup holds one oval stone, glass cabochon, flat-back stone or crystal. With its taller wall height, this bezel cup is especially well-suited for use with high-dome cabochons or flat-back stones with taller profiles—a taller bezel cup wall height ensures a more secure hold by providing more surface contact with taller stones. This easy-to-use bezel cup saves you time and provides clean lines and a professional-looking finish. Use it to create everything from earrings to cuff links to pendants. Simply solder the bezel cup to a finding or design, and set as desired. Place your stone in the bezel cup and push the walls inward over the stone, holding it in place. For added security, if desired, place a drop or two of jeweler's epoxy in the cup before placing the stone. The wall height may need to be adjusted to fit your stone; file or sand the top edge of the wall as necessary.