Sterling Silver Round "Smart" Bead with Silicone Insert

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Ideal for designs using large-hole beads, this sterling silver round “smart” bead features a silicone insert that keeps the bead snug and secure on your chain, anchoring your beads and charms. This bead is sized to fit 2mm chain, cord or wire. Because this bead is intended to grip your cord or chain, it can be a bit tricky to get the bead started. We recommend twisting the cord as you push the bead onto it. As soon as there is enough cord emerging from the bead to grasp, simply pull the cord through.

For your customers, large-hole beads enhance the fun of choosing jewelry. With a wide selection of unique and individual beads, customers can customize like never before and then build on that first piece, creating heirloom pieces as they add to their collection.