PUK® Welding Wire Rolls - Non-Ferrous Metals

Details The alloys and dimensions of these welding wires have been specifically chosen to compliment the PUK® welders and are suited to welding with any PUK® Welding model. See below for full line of wires available. Note that pricing is subject to change daily due to precious metals, so please call for today's price. Wire will Drop Ship directly from manufacturer - Chicago, IL.
Manufacturer: LAMPERT PUK 5.1
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Welding Wires for Gold Alloys
Welding wires for gold alloys consist of standard jewelry alloy with the requisite degree of fineness. For typical jewelry applications:  these are very thin, in order to be applied and controlled with low power.Gold welding wires
Item #Vendor #DescriptionMaterialDimensions (mm/in)
830-2780304-340Au 750 YYellow gold Au 750/000 - 18K500 x 0.25 | 19.7 x .01
830-2781304-342Au 750 PDWhite gold Au 750/000 - 18K500 x 0.25 | 19.7 x .01
Welding Wires for Platinum Alloys
When welding platinum alloys, in particular with cast platinum, small pores and/or brittleness can arise if welding repeatedly takes place in the same area. This can be avoided in general terms through the application of "fresh metal" with welding wire. When welding on platinum, a clean welding area and optimum shielding gas coverage are very important.Platinum welding wires
Item #Vendor #DescriptionMaterialDimensions (mm/in)
830-2782304-343Pt 960 CPlatinum Pt 960/000 - 18K500 x 0.25 | 19.7 x .01
Welding Wires for Silver Alloys
Excellent coloring for working on (sterling) silver. Excellent flow properties so that welding results appear with no center-line cracking. Excellent ductility of the welded area. The wire Silver JSS has a lower standard (Ag760) and a lower melting point (765°C / 1409°F) than pure or sterling silver (Ag925). On Ag940, it is the same color as sterling silver (925/000). The fineness of the  Ag940 welding wire is 940/000.
Item #Vendor #DescriptionMaterialDimensions (mm/in)Silver welding wires
830-2783304-348Ag 760/000Silver JSS2000 x 0.25 | 78.75 x .01
830-2784304-349Ag 760/000Silver JSS2000 x 0.35 | 78.75 x .014
830-2785304-350Ag 760/000Silver JSS2000 x 0.45 | 78.75 x .018
830-2786304-344Ag 940 BSilver Ab 940/0001000 x 0.35 | 33.37 x .014
Welding Wires for Titanium Alloys
Unalloyed titanium wire (grade 2) for homogeneous welding on weldable titanium alloys. The wire is outstanding due to its high crack resistance. When welding on titanium, a clean welding area and optimum shielding gas coverage (with Argon 4.6 or higher) are very important.Titanium welding wires
Item #Vendor #DescriptionMaterialDimensions (mm/in)
830-2787304-349TITitanium-fine titanium1000 x 0.30 | 39.37 x .012
Welding Wires for Palladium-Silver Alloys
This PD/Ag/Cu welding wire with a high portion of palladium is particularly well-suited for repair welds on only Palladium-Silver alloys alloys that are only weldable to a limited degree with themselves or with each other. The welding wire stands out due to its excellent adhesion properties and exceptional toughness. It is therefore frequently used as a "bridging metal" between alloys that are difficult to weld (color grey).Palladium-Silver welding wires
Item #Vendor #DescriptionMaterialDimensions (mm/in)
830-2788304-330PdAg 500Palladium-Silver PdAg 500/000500 x 0.40 | 19.7 x .016
Welding Wires for Stainless Steel Alloys
The welding wire CMS is a highly stable, austenitic welding metal. It is suitable for welding CrNi steels such as 304 USA (1.4301-Germany),  316 (1.4401),  1.4453, and 1.4571.Stainless Steel welding wires
Item #Vendor #DescriptionMaterialDimensions (mm/in)
830-2789304-320STEEL CMSStainless Steel1000 x 0.40 | 39.37 x .016