ISM Factory Rating This Safe is Built by multi-layered steel plates and concrete cast for maximum strength and high resistance to intrusion. The door is reinforced with steel bars that againts drilling and breaking the lock mechanism attempts. The safes locking system is a multi-direction boltwork mechanism and a double locking mechanism consisting of a combination lock and a high security key lock for safes which are protected by re-lockers.
Manufacturer: ISM SAFES
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ISM Protector (TL-15)

ISM Protector
The Protector are burglary protection safes (with fire resistance) designed to resist sophisticated tool attacks. The Duracrete composite protection offers a limited degree of torch resistance on all six sides. The unique size and weight characteristics of these safes allow them to be transported in elevators and located where floor load capacities are limited. (Model ENT5520 shown on the right)
Standard Features:

  • Six-Sided Duracrete Composite Protection
  • Secured by a UL Group 2M Key-Changeable Combination Lock
  • Tempered Glass Plate Protection Against Drill Attacks on the Combination Lock
  • Independent Re-locking Mechanism
  • Side Attack Protection on Boltwork/Locking Mechanism
  • Fire Protection for Paper Documents
  • Attractive Neutral Finish
  • Stainless Steel Face Plate
  • 3-Spoke Capstan Handle

Optional Equipment:

  • Digital Lock In Lieu Of Mechanical Combination Lock
  • Private Internal Compartments & Drawer Systems
  • All Models Can Be Prepared For Anchoring
  • Additional Sizes Available (Inquire Within)
  • Custom Sizes & Finishes For Quantity Orders
ModelInside Dimensions
H x W x D
Outside Dimensions
H x W x D
ENT 141414" x 14" x 12"21¼" x 21¼" x 24¼"1.36 ft³1760 lb
ENT 181418" x 14" x 12"25¼" x 21¼" x 24¼"1.75 ft³1860 lb
ENT 161616" x 16" x 16"23¼" x 23¼" x 28¼"2.37 ft³11000 lb
ENT 251825" x 18" x 16"32¼" x 25¼" x 28¼"4.17 ft³21200 lb
ENT 302030" x 20" x 18"37¼" x 27¼" x 30¼"5.55 ft³21650 lb
ENT 352135" x 21" x 18"42¼" x 28¼" x 30¼"7.66 ft³21850 lb
ENT 452145" x 21" x 18"52¼" x 28¼" x 30¼"9.85 ft³32200 lb
ENT 602160" x 21" x 18"67¼" x 28¼" x 30¼"13.13 ft³42900 lb