Pink Luxor® Compound by Merard - (Deep Preparation & Blending)

Manufacturer: Osborn
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Luxor® compound by Merard is manufactured in France to the highest precise specifications, using the highest quality of aluminum oxide and best of all: silica-free! The aluminum oxide significantly reduces your work time and helps you efficiently and effectively prepare all metal surfaces for finishing.

Luxor® Pink is used on gold, platinum, and silver and contains 6.5 micron of grit to efficiently finish your jewelry and is ideal for removing scratches and imperfections while only using a small amount of compound on your buff. A rigid or coarse buff is highly recommended.

Luxor® compounds are non-greasy and can easily be cleaned from your jewelry after final polishing. Luxor® compounds are highly effective using smaller amounts thus saving money by not using excessive amounts of compound. All compounds are color coded for easy visibility and identification. All Luxor® compounds weigh approx. 110g and measure 80 x 30mm diameter (approx. 3-5/32"L x 1-3/16"). Starter set (215-1819) available with one each of the 7 compounds. See Customers Also Viewed Tab below.


  • Silica-free
  • Non-greasy and easy to clean
  • Highly effective using smaller amounts - Saving you money!