HyCeram Bonds

HyCeram® bonds: The seamless, durable bond of HyCeram to metal substrates. The seamless, durable bond of HyCeram® to metal substrates is an elementary key for sustainable success. HyCeram® Bond materials make an essential contribution to this. Bond THX materials are perfectly colour matched to all HyCeram standard materials. High-performance bonding and excellent colour optics for watches and jewellery objects can now be achieved.
Manufacturer: Invicon

New: Bond THX NF

Bond THX NF is the latest material version and offers decisive advantages:

  • Improved reactivity. The material hardens faster and more consistently.
  • 30% price advantage (per gram)
  • Optimized 15gr packaging with wide can opening. Makes the application even easier.

Bond THX NF is now available and replaces the previous Bond THX.