Edenta TopStar Polishers

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Silicon carbide abrasive in a specially formulated rubberized bond that breaks down more slowly and lasts much longer than silicone-bonded abrasives. Produce a superior finish. Use the Brown Prepolishers to remove light scratches and prepare surfaces for final polishing, then use the Green Polishers to impart a bright high shine.

Mounted shapes have 3/32" shanks. Unmounted shapes have 1/16" arbor holes and can be mounted on our Screw Mandrels. 3mm Rods are held in the TopStar Rod Mandrel. Max. operating speeds: 20,000rpm for brown and 10,000rpm for green.

Pictured left to right:
Mtd. Point5.5 Dia. x 15.5 L
Mtd. Bullet5mm Dia. x 16mm L
Mtd. Square-Edge Wheel14.5mm Dia. x 2mm Thick
Mtd. Knife-Edge Wheel15mm Dia. x 2mm Thick
Cylinder6mm Dia. x 22mm L
Rod3mm Dia. x 22mm L
Unmounted Wheel22mm Dia. x 3mm Thick